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Nov 28, 2016

Monpatron is a FB algorithm

Monpatron is a FB algorithm

Now, that's a good algorithm :

  • Lorem ispum dolor stib amet. 
  • Hoaxbusting. 
  • Quote lookup.
  • French politics parsing.
  • Godwin-proof nazi spotting.

Dec 29, 2010

Red pill news : Ulam Spiral in Python.

Discovered in 1963, the Ulam spiral, shows a recurring pattern in prime numbers. This means integer numbers have a non-abritrary structure, talk about the face of God! Wanna bet it's fractal?

This article proposes a program library (in the Python language) that lets you build you own graphics.

Dec 14, 2010

Model describes universe with no big bang, no beginning, and no end.


By suggesting that mass, time, and length can be converted into one another as the universe evolves, Wun-Yi Shu has proposed a new class of cosmological models that may fit observations of the universe better than the current big bang model.


Nov 11, 2009

Expanding Earth

A beautiful new theory of a growing earth.

Jun 5, 2009

Openvibes runnin around my brain

About OpenViBE

OpenViBE is a software platform dedicated to designing, testing and using brain-computer interfaces.

OpenViBE is a software for real-time neurosciences (that is, for real-time processing of brain signals). It can be used to acquire, filter, process, classify and visualize brain signals in real time.


The main OpenViBE application fields are medical (assistance to disabled people, real-time biofeedback, neurofeedback, real-time diagnosis), multimedia (virtual reality, video games), robotics and all other application fields related to brain-computer interfaces and real-time neurosciences.

OpenViBE users can either be programmers or people not familiar with programming. This includes medical doctors, video game developers, researchers in signal-processing or robotics, etc.

Mar 31, 2009

Honda creates a robot controlled by power of thought | Mail Online

The Japanese company has developed a way to read patterns of electric currents on a person's scalp as well as changes in cerebral blood flow when a person thinks about four simple movements - moving the right hand, moving the left hand, running and eating.

Mar 30, 2009

Electroencephalogram your next gizmo

The latest human-computer interface, an EEG that lets you visualize your brain waves or control a "Star War Force training tube" toy [USA today]

Mar 11, 2009

Wolframalpha bot to threaten Google

@ Uberface, we're big fans of semantics-based artificial intelligence. Here is Wolframalpha, a venture of Stephen Wolfram (picture), the founder of Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica, the famous fully integrated technical computing software.

According to his own talk, Wolframalpha would answer your questions online : will offer answers to questions, online - answers that do not necessarily already exist somewhere on the web.

Via one simple input field, users will have access to “a huge system, with trillions of pieces of curated data and millions of lines of algorithms.”

Launch is promised in May.

Surce : [FT Alphaville : "Genius or dingbat?"]

Mar 7, 2009

H+ magazine

Transhumanism strikes back undercover of a new magazine, fully available in a slick digital format for print-it-yourself purpose!

Don't miss this issue, with its interesting articles about the credit crisis...

Feb 16, 2009


Statistics again, elegantly complementary to the Gapminder-boosted OECD stats featured in our previous post.

Definitely, [World-o-meter] is the worth being checked out, for instance for its Napolitan-Garbage-o-Meter illustrated here ["Garbage piling up in the streets of Naples (Kg)"]

Feb 10, 2009


Rosling conceived it, Google implemented it, OECD just filled it up and lets you play with it... Gee!

The Gapminder Graphs allow you to unveil the interactions between indicators in the OECD Factbook over time.

Try it now!

Nov 27, 2008

Garrett Lisi's boson-o-rama

Our old friend Garret Lisi is bouncing back to us from the West Coast in this recent video from TED's Tech Talks :
"Physicist and surfer Garrett Lisi presents a controversial new model of the universe that -- just maybe -- answers all the big questions. If nothing else, it's the most beautiful 8-dimensional model of elementary particles and forces you've ever seen."
And it is totally psychedelico-kaleidoscopico-cathedraloïd. Bejesus!

Link : [Garrett Lisi's TED talk. FFW to the end for the nice animated psyche boson-o-rama]
Uberfaced by : [Frederic Servais and Michelange Baudoux]

Statistics Eye Candy

The Rosling stats have percolated to the blogosphere, Google is now offering them as a paying service for Google analytics [link].

Okay, the movie is an oldie, but it's totally Uberface, so we had to post it again. Hans Rosling's TED talk is altogether :
  • an insightful peek in the recent history of the world,
  • a great debunking of stereotypes about third world ,
  • the best ever demonstration that statistics can be made meaningful to the people, and should,
  • the most beautiful and obvious animated stats graphs ever,
  • protesting for the necessity of freeing up stats and stimulate sharing and remixing of data,
  • setting up the scene for a next revolution towards understanding the world's complexity.
Link : [Hans Rosling's TED talk]
Uberfaced by [Raphaël Thys]

Reprap : Rastapopoulos strikes back.

complete replicated machine

We were not able to find a movie of the oversuccessful replication attempt of a soap loaf by Rastapopoulos.
But we've found this enlighting video of a comparable attempt with a microwave oven :

Remember Rastapopoulos and his replication machine in the "Tintin et le Lac aux Requins" cartoon?

Okay, now they did it : here is the RepRap machine, and it is even able to replicate itself...

Link : [RepRap site]
Uberfaced by [Roald Baudoux]

Chatting the blonde Saab driver in the traffic jam

The next transreality thing is Belgian :

"DISY enables users to exchange messages via licence plates. You can send messages by SMS or by e-mail via our Website.

Our mission: bring together people who believe in the Solidarity, Security and Citizenship of using the public roads."

Source [Disy website]
Uberfaced by [Raphaël Thys]

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