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Nov 27, 2008

Statistics Eye Candy

The Rosling stats have percolated to the blogosphere, Google is now offering them as a paying service for Google analytics [link].

Okay, the movie is an oldie, but it's totally Uberface, so we had to post it again. Hans Rosling's TED talk is altogether :
  • an insightful peek in the recent history of the world,
  • a great debunking of stereotypes about third world ,
  • the best ever demonstration that statistics can be made meaningful to the people, and should,
  • the most beautiful and obvious animated stats graphs ever,
  • protesting for the necessity of freeing up stats and stimulate sharing and remixing of data,
  • setting up the scene for a next revolution towards understanding the world's complexity.
Link : [Hans Rosling's TED talk]
Uberfaced by [Raphaël Thys]

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